Why it’s always hard to convince companies to invest money to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

It has been long time I didn’t write anything because I was investing time to learn new things and enhance my soft Skills.
The question “Why it’s always hard to convince companies to invest money to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM?” comes to my mind this morning since I recognized while checking my pipeline that we have lot of ERP Opportunities (Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV) , ECM (Enterprise Content Management – Microsoft Sharepoint 2013) Opportunities but small list of Dynamics CRM Opportunities.
I have been working for almost 8 years with Dynamics CRM and I had around 5 years sales activities with Dynamics CRM. While trying to summarize the situation, I can clearly state the following :
– We always have can have long list of CRM leads
– Qualifying CRM leads into opportunities are very hard but still possible with much efforts and attractive demonstrations and presentations
– Once we reached the opportunity phase, Customer is always surprised with the investment to pay in order to have the Dynamics CRM implemented in his premises.
РCompanies are always afraid to invest money in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM or any non-free CRM solution  since still companies can see that this product is getting a must nowadays even that this is the only product that can directly generate money to any company if well implemented and followed by employees inside any company.

I think all the above is due for the fact that most companies still don’t know the impact of implementation CRM solution in their organizations and still afraid to pay money while not getting any return over investment.

In my opinion, main suppliers and big partners must do much of awareness sessions to explain and show the benefits of CRM solution before going strongly into the market.

What do you think???!!!


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